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Demographics and Psychographics for Market Research

Social Media Research

Conducting a Social Media Audit
Tips from the Harvard Business Review website.

Tools on the Web

You can think of demographics as providing information about who your consumers are, and psychographics as providing information on why they purchase things.

Consumers and Psychographics




Local & Regional

  • Access WA Open Data

    Access to links on non-confidential data from Washington State agencies

  • Census Reporter -- Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA Metro Area

    The Greater Seattle Datasheet provides demographic information about the City of Seattle and its surrounding region.

  • Data.Washington

    Search and browse WA state datasets for agriculture, demographics, economics, education and health.

  • King County Data

    Here you will find a collection of links to information about King County in the areas of criminal justice, demographics, the economy, local government finance, and human services.

  • Kitsap Chambers of Commerce
    Find local business directories for cities in Kitsap County.

  • MRSC
    The Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) is a nonprofit organization that helps local governments across Washington State better serve their citizens by providing legal and policy guidance on any topic. 

  • Seattle Office of Planning & Community Development

    Data tracking housing growth, employment growth, and residential permit activity

  • Seattle Open Data

    Access to data on education, finance, public safety, transportation, permitting, business and communities collected by the City of Seattle.

  • Washington State Data Book

    Washington State Data Book is good for finding information on Washington, its people, economy, and government. The Data Book contains eleven major sections: Population, Economy, State Government Finance, Human Services, Criminal Justice, Education, Natural Resources, Environment, Energy, Transportation, and Local Government.

  • Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council
    Official website of Washington state government economics office.

  • Washington State Office of Financial Management, Kitsap County Data
    A collection of links to information about Kitsap County in the areas of criminal justice, demographics, the economy, local government finance, and human services.