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Using OneSearch to Find Resources

One way to search for library resources is to use the OneSearch search bar, located in the center section of the library's homepage.

OneSearch attempts to search all of the library's journal and book databases at once and brings back the results on a single results page. 

EXAMPLE: If you type in "caffeine and consumption and students" in the OneSearch search bar, you may retrieve links to articles and books related to coffee drinking habits of college students.


Be aware that you can refine your results, such as limiting by "resource type" on the left side of your results page, or by using the Advanced Search Screen of OneSearch.

For some topics, you will find better results by searching databases individually. You can find individual databases through the links on our Start Researching page as well as on our Databases page.

The video below will demonstrate how to do a basic search on a topic using OC Libraries' OneSearch.

The video is closed captioned.

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