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Books, Articles, and Websites for Philosophy

Tips for Finding Books

The majority of books (in paper) are on the second floor of Haselwood Library. Philosophy encyclopedias are on the first floor in the Reference Area. You can browse in the following sections.

110 Metaphysics

120 Epistemology

140 Philosophical schools of thought

160 Philosophical logic

170 Ethics

180 Ancientmedieval, & Eastern philosophy

190 Modern Western philosophy (19th-century20th-century


210 Philosophy & theory of religion

Search the Library Catalog Now

When searching for books, it's best to use only one or two keywords, even if your topic is more complex. To find variant endings a keyword, use an asterisk (*). For example, "ethic*" will find records with the word "ethic", ethical", "ethics."

Example Books at Olympic College Library