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This guide contains library resources for all levels of ESOL at Olympic College.

Some of our books!

Find Books

Haselwood Library on the Bremerton campus has a special collection of books for ESOL students.  This collection is called the "Adult Education" collection, and is located on the Basement level of the library (click here for a Library map).  Here you will find lots of books on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and other skills like math, study skills, as well as dictionaries.  Some books have CDs with them.  We also have lots of "readers" with CDs so that you can listen and follow along to the story.  There are chairs and tables in this section so you may stay and read if you like. 

To search for books at the Library, search the Library Catalog.  You can search for a specific title or author, or just search by a topic.

To search for the ESOL books, use the Library Catalog and do an Advanced Search.  Make sure you choose "Adult Education" from the "Location" menu (see below).

You can also CLICK HERE for a listing of all of our ESOL books, alphabetical by title.

ESOL book collection


             The Adult Education Reading Room,                                              Our "Readers" are very colorful and easy

             on the Basement level of the Library.                                               to find! Many have a CD included.