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Finding Full-text

Sometimes you will only see the abstract/citation for an article in our databases.   Review the steps below to track down the full-text of the article.


1. First, check to make sure that you are not missing the link to a pdf version...sometimes it gets buried! Articles that are full-text in PDF will look like this:

Full-text PDF link


2. Unless you have limited your search to "Full Text" only, you will encounter many search results that do NOT have a full-text viewing option within that database.   To find out if Olympic College Libraries have the full-text in another database, click the link "Check for Full Text".

Check for Full Text link

Sometimes you will see a note that OC Libraries do not own that journal (periodical is another word used for journal)



  3. Sometimes articles will be in another database full text but you cannot tell until you click the link! 


This is the intermediary display you will see when Olympic College Libraries has the full text article in another database.



This is where you are linked to in order to see the full text.  In this case it is the Science Direct database and the journal named Social Science & Medicine.