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MLA (9th edition) Documentation Style

What's in this guide?

Academic writing standards require you to credit all sources that you use to write a paper, report, or study. The Modern Language Association (MLA) documentation style provides a guideline for properly crediting your sources by requiring notes in the text of your work that point the reader to an alphabetical list of your sources, called a “Works Cited” list. Properly citing your sources of information allows a reader to understand where you found your information and how to find those sources, and will also help you avoid plagiarism. 

Use the tabs at left to navigate this guide. You'll find:

The Basics -- templates

Electronic Sources -- examples

Print & Video Sources -- examples

"Works Cited" Page -- example

Introduction to Citation Styles: MLA 9th ed

"Introduction to Citation Styles: MLA 9th ed.." YouTube, uploaded by CSUDH Library. 9 July 2020, youtu.be/o7MyM_V8-EA.

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