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Streaming Video

Check out the streaming video options currently available at Olympic College Libraries.



Swank offers access to 75 feature films at a time in our library's portal.  The films can be switched out as needed, depending on which films are being assigned in courses each quarter.  The library pays for unlimited views of any of the 75 films activated in the portal.

How to access Swank through Olympic College Libraries

  1. Go to our Swank portal at https://ezproxy.olympic.edu/login?url=https://digitalcampus.swankmp.net/olympic370174/ 
  2. If off campus, verify your student status by entering your OC student email address and password at the prompt.
  3. Use the search bar at top right to find the video you have been assigned to watch. 
  4. PLEASE NOTE: A small number of films are hidden from view until you create additionally create a Swank account.  Please contact librarians@olympic.edu if you do not see your assigned film listed.