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Summer reading!

It's summer!  If you are looking for something to read, try one of these fabulous titles!  

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Story Time Recordings

Winter 2022 Story Time

OC Libraries and Professor Erin Douglas celebrated Women's History month on March 10th by sharing the short story, A Ride Out of Phrao by Dina Nayeri.

OC Students and employees can access a recording of this Winter 2022 Story Time.


   Dina Nayeri, a woman with long brown hair looking to the sidd

2021 December Story Time

OC Libraries and ASL Faculty shared an ASL Story Time. Professor Dean Roberts and two ASL interpreters took us through a history of ASL and shared some general information about Deaf culture, signing, and life for Deaf people, especially while we all deal with COVID-19. 

OC students and employees can access this recording of the ASL Story Time.

a man with glasses forming the hand sign I love you and holding a cookie with that sign

2021 May Poetry and Story

OC Libraries and the Office of International Education celebrated of Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a poem called, Jing Ye Si by Li Bai. The poem was read by an OC student, Xuanyou Liu. We also read and discussed a short story by Amy Tan. OC students and employees can access a recording of this Poetry and Story event.

statue of Li Bai in traditional robes       Amy Tan, a smiling Asian woman in a black shirt and insulated vest faces the camera

2021 April Story Time 

OC Libraries and Professor Gabriela Ramis shared a Bilingual Story Time on April 16th featuring a short story by Julio Cortázar. OC students and employees can access a recording of Story Time.

Julio Cortazar, a dark haired, bearded man looks directly at the camera

2021 February Story Time

OC Libraries and Cheryl Nunez, our Vice-President for Equity and Inclusion, celebrated Black History Month together at Story Time in Zoom, February 10th, 2021 at 1:30 pm with a reading and discussion of Light, by Lesley Nneka Arimah  OC students and employee can access the recording of Story Time here.

      author profile, a smiling Black woman in glasses with chin length natural hair