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Washington State Arts Commission Art in Public Places Program

The Art in Public Places (AIPP) program facilitates the acquisition, placement, and stewardship of artwork in state-funded building projects throughout Washington.  One half of 1% of each new capital construction project budget for state-owned buildings is allocated for the acquisition of artwork.  Universities and colleges are mandated for new construction, as well as renovation projects exceeding $200,000.  All of the artworks acquired through the Art in Public Places program are viewed collectively as the State Art Collection.

Olympic College Libraries has installed a number of artworks acquired through AIPP in its buildings.  Johnson Library on the Shelton campus has on display Eagle Dancer, a sculpture by Alaska Tlingit Nation artist and master carver Frank Fulmer (born 1953).  Fulmer creates traditional Hieroglyphic Art of the Northwest Coast.

Most of the Libraries’ AIPP artworks are installed in Haselwood Library on the Bremerton campus.  They are denoted by AIPP by the title.

After the descriptions of these pieces we have included the Washington State Arts Commission accession number and you can search for these, and other public art, at My Public Art Portal.


Art from the Community

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, Haselwood Library also owns a number of noteworthy artworks, many of which were done by students and local artists.  These support the Olympic College Vision statement that says in part “…we will develop strong community partnerships and fulfill our role as a cultural center….” Any work not designated as AIPP is art from the community. 

Photography for this self-guided tour of art in the Haselwood Library

In Spring of 2018 the Olympic College students in Peter Bill's Digital Photography class photographed the library's art collection for this guide and shared images of the Art in Public Places pieces so the Washington State Art Commission could update their database.

The care, time, and artistry of these students has made this self-guided tour possible and we deeply appreciate their efforts.

Art in the Haselwood Library- First Floor


Siren     Paul Buckner (1933-2014)     AIPP     

Location- Entryway

Freestanding steatite sculpture 

14”x14”x10”  Photo of art by R.Christensen Hayes (rights)

Winner of the National Sculpture Review Award.  Paul Buckner was a professor of sculpture and Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon in Eugene.  Buckner said this about his work, “I have trained my whole life to be able to reach back to the forgotten things we are born knowing. Whether I will, in any measure, ever succeed, I don’t know. I do know that in making things I take great joy.” (1984).  https://artdesign.uoregon.edu/paul-buckner-remembered-outstanding-teacher-and-artist WSAC1977.031.000


Cinderella’s Camisole, 1991      Nan Johnson (born 1950)     AIPP

Location- South wall

30”x15”x7”Cinderella's Camisole, 3 dimensional mixed mediaPhoto of art by Sylvie Blais (rights)

Part of the Seattle artist’s Cinderella series, Cinderella’s Camisole is influenced by the Radical Feminist Movement of 1968-1972. To Johnson clothing is symbolic of women’s roles and their restrictions.  “Cinderella’s story makes much of her gown and I found humor in adding to her wardrobe.”  Johnson studied art at Western Washington University, Pratt Fine Arts and the University of Washington.  http://www.nanjohnsonartist.com/  WSAC1992.135.000


Glass Kimono, 2000        Jerry & Rayetta Perrett

Location- Center of open room, hanging above half wall

Broken-edge hanging tube art glass

27”x24” Glass Kimono, broken-edge glass  Photo of art by Eric _____ (rights)

Self-taught Port Townsend, Washington artists Jerry and Rayetta Perrett have been etched glass artists for over 20 years.  They have sold their works in galleries across the U.S. and have participated in major art exhibits throughout the country. Their etched glass art is also in many private collections throughout the world. Their art is a technique of deep sculpted sandblasted glass using 3/4" thick glass with their visible trademark of the free form broken edge.  http://www.glassetchingsbyperrett.com/  This piece was commissioned by the Haselwood Library staff and donated on the occasion of the dedication of the new facility in May of 2000.


Hyperlink, 2000     Sandra Ramsey

Location- -Computer Lab, east wall

Oil on plywood

96”x95”  Photo of art by Eric ______ (rights)

When the library was being rebuilt after it collapse in a December 1996 snow storm, the center hallway was divided by a plywood wall.  Student Sandra Ramsey volunteered to paint a mural on it if we would fund the paint.  She created Hyperlink, a highly evocative take on a contemporary student’s experience in a computer and book based research environment.  The library’s architects, Seattle firm Schreiber & Lane, purchased the mural for a permanent installation in Haselwood Library.


OC Photography Show Best of Show winners

Donated by Bremerton law firm Sanchez, Paulson, Mitchell & Schock.  These are located throughout the first floor and main stairwell.


1992 Winner – Octopus Ballet    Steven R. Fisher

16.5”x20.5”   (located, in my office) small out of focus octopus


2003 Winner – Echoes      Jodi Piper

19.5”x16”photo with trees and a path through a forest Photo of art by Oscar Landgrave (rights)

2004 Winner – Looking Back at Art (View of Forest Cooper’s show at Metropolis Gallery)       Christopher Onstott

12.5”x19”silhouette of a man in a hat in front of three windows Photo of art by Oscar landgrave (rights)

2005 Winner – Resting Butterfly     Steve Scott

18.5”x24” photograph of an orange butterfly on a leaf Photo of art by Emily Hamilton (rights)


2006 Winner – Three Friends     Steve Scott

19.5”x24” three women embrace, look at the cameraPhoto of art by Oscar Landgrave (rights)


2007 Winner – The Tea Drinker    Laurissa Evitt

19”x23” photo of a woman with a tea cupPhoto of art by Abby _____ (rights)


2008 Winner – Final Anchor      Thomas Brown

18”x23”  (in my office) stylized photo of a boat on shore


2009 Winner – Sunrise on the Farm      Candace Makela

16.5”x22” photo of orange sunrise across a fence and tree Photo of art by Emily Hamilton (rights)


2010 Winner – Orchid      Garth Barnum

19”x21” photograph of an orchid Photo of art by Emily Hamilton (rights)


2011 Winner – Awaken from a Dream     Leah S. Tanksley

19”x15.5”  surrealistic photo of a young woman  Photo of art by Victor ______ (rights)


Three works by Pacific Northwest watercolor artist Carla Palmer

A former OC student, Palmer lives and has a studio in Silverdale, Washington.  http://carlapalmer.com/

North wall left to right

1. Imy

Watercolor 20.25”x28” Imy, tropical fish watercolor Photo of art by Victor _____ (rights)

Gift of the artist in memory of OC’s beloved art instructor, Imy Klett.


2. Jodie

Watercolor 20”x27”  Photo of art by Victor _____ (rights)

Gift of the artist in memory of Jodie Warthen.


3. Fourth of July

Watercolor 17”x24” Watercolor of boys with bicycles and American flagPhoto of art by Abby _____ (rights)

ASOC 1999 purchase award


Blocked Communication, 2008       Amy Burnett (born 1944)

Location- Main stairwell

Mixed media 44”x33” mixed media two human figures face each other Photo of art by Maura McKinney (rights)

Amy Burnett is an award winning local artist and former OC student and teacher.  Burnett donated this piece in June 2008 as a thank you to Olympic College and Chuck and Joanne Haselwood in particular, for whom the library building is named.  Burnett felt that the title of the piece fit with the spatial connotation of a library.


San Xavier Mission at Night     Larry Parker (1937-2017)

Location- Main stairwell

Acrylic 20”x16” painting of a southwest style mission with cloud shrouded mountains behindPhoto of art by Nik Cannell (rights)

Donated in memory of Dr. Donna Allen, OC President 1997-1999.  Larry Parker was a local artist and former Central Kitsap art teacher.  He divided his time between the Northwest and the Southwest.  https://www.kitsapsun.com/story/life/announcements/obituaries/2017/09/28/larry-shepard-parker-80/106075170/


"Fly on the Wall"      Nancy Jo Brown

Location- Upper stairwell

Metal sculpture 53”x35”x17”Metal sculpture that looks like a house flyPhoto of art by Maura McKinney (rights)

Originally displayed in the Bremer Student Center, this student piece joined our collection on the opening of the new building in May 2000.  His presence was deemed more suitable to a building dedicated to quiet contemplation rather than food ingestion.  The library was happy to give him a permanent home.

Art in the Haselwood Library- Second Floor

Oasis I & Oasis II      Vida Hackman (1935-1999)     AIPP

Upper stairwell

Intaglio prints

33”x53”  geometric shapes and muted colors

33”x53” geometric shapes and muted colors

Vida Ratzlaff Hackman was a Bakersfield, California artist and visting lecturer at University of California Santa Cruz in the 1980s.   Hackman used elegant objects – drawings, videotapes, monoprints, constructions, and environments – to create her rich and vibrant body of work.  Her work extends the notion of art as an ongoing continuum rather than as a collection of singular works.  http://kunstgarten.mur.at/en/events/sonderausstellung-vii-2016/ WSAC1977.029.000&WSAC1977.030.000


Free Fall, 2001     Louise Kodis (born 1942)     AIPP


Five silk, synthetic and metallic hanging banners

85”x15” eachhanging banners with leaf imprints on squares of colorful silk 

Photo of art by Nik Cannell (rights)

Louise Kodis is a Spokane, Washington artist.  Describing her work, she says “My basic source of inspiration is my garden – the memories of colors and textures, of plants, insects and birds, clouds, the changing seasons.”  She invites the individual’s interpretation of her work and most of all wants to share her delight with life, with colors, with textures, and to bring a smile to the face of the viewer.  https://www.louisekodis.com/  WSAC2002.257.00A-E


Big Squeezer       Alden Mason (1919-2013)     AIPP​     

Jennie K. Snypp Reading Room

Oil on canvas

72”x80”  abstract painting with multiples colors and patterns


Big Squeezer is the jewel in the library’s artwork crown.  Nationally-recognized artist Alden Mason is considered a master Northwest painter.  Big Squeezer is part of his most famous body of work, the Burpee Garden series.  Greg Kucera Gallery describes the series:  “The Burpee Garden series dates from 1972-73 specifically but, in sensibility, goes on to include all five years or so of these oil paintings until 1977. The series title derives from the Burpee Seed Company catalog which Mason remembered from his early years growing up on a farm in the Skagit Valley. These large and sumptuous works were widely viewed as triumphant innovations as Mason's career progressed. With their audacious color, surprising scale, and exuberant abstraction, they represent a break with the somberly colored poetic narratives that had typified painting here following the advent of the Northwest School, and artists such as Guy Anderson, Kenneth Callahan, Morris Graves and Mark Tobey. Mason's significance is obvious in the way the "Burpee Garden" paintings mark a distinct turn toward in that linear history. Along with other abstract artists working in Seattle such as Francis Celentano, Michael Dailey, Robert Jones, William Ivey, Frank Okada, Michael Spafford, and Margaret Tompkins, Mason influenced the development of many younger artists here.” http://www.gregkucera.com/mason.htm  The painting was acquired in 1977 for the (now collapsed) addition to the library. 


Mason's paintings have been shown at over 100 exhibitions. They can be seen in public buildings throughout the Northwest and are included the collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Denver Art Gallery, the Milwaukee Art Museum, The Boise Museum of Art, the Portland Art Museum, and the Seattle Art Museum. The Seattle Opera House (McCaw Hall) displays his enormous 4-piece mural on the main floor in the Impromptu Cafe.

Mason’s work was featured in the Art Gallery at Olympic College during the month of November 2000.  His lecture and slide presentation entitled “My Life and Travel” was part of the Opening Reception on November 3, 2000.

For more information on Mason’s life and work see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alden_Mason_(artist)



Muse, 1975     Kay Buckner (1935-2012)     AIPP

Jennie K. Snypp Reading Room

Oil on canvas

53”x40”  painting of a woman sitting on the edge of a 4 poster bed 

Photo of art by Dylan Hayes (rights)

Muse is a figurative painting by artist Kay Buckner, and an example of the artist's use of color and expressive forms to capture mood. Depicting a female figure sitting in a bedroom, this piece seems to hint at emotional memories.  Buckner created figurative paintings and drawings with rich psychological imagery. In the 1990s she began to create textile art. She lived in Eugene, Oregon for many decades and taught at the University of Oregon.  http://www.artswa.org/mwebcgi/mweb?request=record;id=1808;type=701



Suquamish handcrafted baskets, mats, & wooden paddles

Entrance glass case

woven mats and two wooden toy canoe paddles

small woven and decorated baskets  

Photos by Karlie _____ (rights)

These pieces were created around the turn of the last century by Suquamish Indians in the Rocky Point area of Bremerton.  By the end of the 19th century, close to 200 Suquamish natives lived near Elwood Point and Phinney Bay, according to Suquamish tribal chairman Leonard Forsman. https://www.kitsapsun.com/story/news/2017/06/10/had-island-all-myself-suquamish-recall-tribes-history-dyes-inlet/378307001/


Twining is the weaving technique used in these baskets.  It involves crossing or wrapping as well as over under weaving.  Variations of this method produced baskets so finely woven they would hold water and could be used for cooking with hot stones introduced to bring liquid to the boiling point.  Probably the baskets shown here with carrying straps were used for berrying.  Loosely woven types usually of cedar bark were used to hold clams; the loose construction allowing water to rinse sand off the clams.  These baskets were decorated by imbrication (an overlay of contrasting color to create a design). Bear grass or splints of glossy, black fern stem might be used for this.  The most common designs, as shown here, were geometric.  (Ann Sleight, former OC anthropology professor).

Donated by the Reverend and Mrs. Philip Graf.


Three Faces of Woman, 1996     Patricia McKenna (1933-2016)

West wall

29”x21” painting of brightly colored abstract female shape

Port Orchard native Patricia McKenna was a well-known artist in Kitsap County and a former student of Imy Klett.  McKenna won several student awards for her work while attending OC.


A Place of Knowledge, 1996      Gwen Quick

West wall

Fabric quilt

64”x47” quilt depicting bookshelves with titles on spines 

Photo of art by R Christensen (rights)

On loan from retired librarian and faculty emeritus Judith Cunneen. The artist is the wife of Ray Quick, retired media technician.  The quilt was created for the annual Haselwood Library staff Christmas gift exchange.  The book titles on the quilt reflect staff favorites.


Sergei’s Secretary     Deanne Lemley

East wall, Jennie K. Snypp Reading Room


29”x23.5” painting of a woman in a blue dress 

Photo of art by Titus _____ (rights)

Redmond, Washington, artist Deanne Lemley paints in the impressionist tradition.  She invites viewers to participate in the process visually and interpret each piece using their own imagination.  Lemley has won many national and regional shows.  http://deannelemley.com/


Art in the Haselwood Library- Basement

Western Flyer      Richard Yoder (1947-2014)      AIPP

Location- Lower stairwell

Oil on canvas

51”x48”mixed media, torn paper and cardboardPhoto of art by Sylvie Blais (rights)


Richard Yoder was a gifted and respected artist specializing in trompe l’oeil (French for trick the eye).  While unique, Western Flyer is one of his many paintings that involved paper dolls and paper airplanes. Yoder held strong dismissive opinions about abstract and contemporary art, which he was not afraid to express to his critics and counterparts.  He earned a BFA from the University of Oregon and a MFA from the University of Washington.  A former faculty member at Trompe L’Oeil Institute, Cornish Institute, University of Washington, and the University of Oregon, he was a resident of Pasco, Washington, when he passed away.  “I believe that sparking a viewer’s sense of touch through visual means is a pathway to communing with what is contained in the illusion (if anything) and can make even ugly things beautiful.” (Artist’s Statement).

Check out the Facebook page created by his son, Jason Yoder  https://www.facebook.com/RichardA.Yoderartgallery/



(untitled), 1976     Aryls Naidu     AIPP

Location- West wall

Drawing/mixed media

33”x27”  landscape with mountains and bare trees


We have been unable to locate information about this painting and artist.  If you can help us fill in the blanks, email us at librarians@olympic.edu


George, 1975      Gretchen Daiber (born 1948)

Location- West wall


42”x30”  surreal collograph of a large mountain goat perched atop a small mountain Photo of art by Karlie Pickens  (rights)

A Washington native and graduate of the University of Washington, Daiber has trained as a printmaker, graphic designer, and sculptor. She currently lives in Leavenworth, Washington. She says, “My work reflects the landscape and environment in which I love—the mountains where I live, the many years that I spent at sea with my husband as a commercial fisherman and the places I work and travel.”  http://gretchendaiber.com/Gretchen/Gretchen_Daiber_Artist.html  This piece was presented to OC by the artist and Mr. and Mrs. Chet Ullin in memory of their son Jon Gary Ullin (1943-1974), who was killed in an avalanche while on a climbing expedition in the Pamir Mountains of Central Asia. Gretchen Daiber was Gary Ullin’s girlfriend at the time of his death.


Olympics in Relief with Hiker’s Trail Guide to the Interior of the Olympic Mountains, 1956    Richard A. Pargeter & George W. Martin

East wall

Print of hand drawn map

24”x30”  (Photo by Vivian Benge in Google Drive)


Aerial Photograph of Bremerton




Portrait of George Martin      Robert Brewer

Location- Room 004 (George Martin Collection)


31”x26”  oil painting of older man in flannel and a cap with a climbing ax in front of a mountainPhoto of art by Oscar Landgrave (rights)

George Martin on Glacier

Location- Room 004 (George Martin Collection)


23”x33”black and while photo of a man on a glacier with Olympic peaks in the distancePhoto of art by Oscar Landgrave (rights)


Yanomani Men, Upper Orinoco, Venezuela    Kit Taylor (1942-2012)

Location- Room 005 (Thomas Graham Collection)


20.5”x24.5”photo of two native men paddling a flat bottomed boat along a  calm river Photo of art by Kristen Chaney (rights)

An expert in labor economics in Latin America, Taylor taught economics at Bellevue College for 30 years.  He pursued photography upon his retirement from teaching.  His photos of natural wonders, people, landscape, and street activities from America’s Southwest, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico won him many awards.  He was a member of Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton.  He died at age 69 from esophageal cancer.  His wife Colleen Hogan-Taylor donated the signed photograph to the Thomas Graham Collection.  As they were both adventure travelers, she felt that Kit Taylor was a kindred spirit with Thomas Graham.


Hand Carved Book Shelves   Dr. Louis Graham

Location- Room 005 (Thomas Graham Collection)

Maple bookcase with walnut inlays by the late Dr. Louis Graham, OC English faculty emeritus.  Dr. Graham endowed the Thomas Graham Collection in honor of his son, who worked as a Program Assistant in the Social Sciences and Humanities Division from 1998 to 2007.  Thomas Edward Graham died on July 14, 2007, while descending the Mount Jupiter Trial in the Olympic Mountains with a hiking group from the Olympic Branch of the Mountaineers. The inlay at the top of the bookcase depicts the Olympic Mountains, including Mount Jupiter.


Maps of the Northwest Coast –  South Portion, North Portion, 1988

Location- Room 005 (Thomas Graham Collection)

61”x31” map image  map image

The frames of these maps were also made by the late Dr. Louis Graham, OC English faculty emeritus. 

Portrait of George Washington Bush     Samuel Patrick

Location- Room 006

Print from an original drawing 

28.25”x22.25”         (photo in Google Drive by Vivian Benge)

“George W. Bush (c. 1790?-1863) was a key leader of the first group of American citizens to settle north of the Columbia River in what is now Washington. Bush was a successful farmer in Missouri, but as a free African American in a slave state, he faced increasing discrimination and decided to move west. In 1844, Bush and his good friend Michael T. Simmons (1814-1867), a white Irish American, led their families and three others over the Oregon Trail. When they found that racial exclusion laws had preceded them and barred Bush from settling south of the Columbia River, they settled on Puget Sound, becoming the first Americans to do so. Bush established a successful farm near present day Olympia on land that became known as Bush Prairie. He and his family were noted for their generosity to new arrivals and for their friendship with the Nisqually Indians who lived nearby. Bush continued modernizing and improving his farm until his death in 1863.”  http://www.historylink.org/File/5645  We were unable to locate any information about the artist.  If you can help us fill in the blanks, email us at librarians@olympic.edu


Barb Dziura Memorial Collection

In July of 1999, former faculty members and husband and wife, Eric Dzuira and Janet Brougher, donated 15 pieces of artwork in memory of Dzuira’s first wife to be exhibited permanently in the new library. 


1.  Raven’s Journey 1990, by Marvin Oliver

Location- East wall

Serigraph  Stylized NW tribal depiction of a raven  Photo of art by Blake Rosales (rights)

Oliver is of Quinault and Isleta-Pueblo heritage.  He draws upon his Northwest Coast half of his heritage for artistic inspiration, combining formline design with southern Coat Salish imagery.  This print was created around the box of daylight story of Raven transforming into a boy to get into the box of daylight and steal the sun.  The print shows Raven flying up into the sky in mid-transformation from Boy back into Raven.  Oliver’s monumental public artworks have been installed throughout the state of Washington and the United States, Canada, Japan, and Italy.   He is a Professor in the American Indian Studies Department at the University of Washington, and teaches studio classes in Northwest Coast Design.  http://www.marvinoliver.com/The_Artist/Biography.html


2-6.  Five oil paintings by Edward Runci (1921-1986)

Location- Room 001

fallen tree at sunset Photo of art by Blake Rosales (rights)


painting of a forest and creek  Photo of art by Blake Roseales (rights)

painted portrait of a young Native American girl  Photo of art by Blake Rosales (rights)

Painting of a Native American woman on a burro with two small children  Photo of art by Blake Rosales (rights)

painting of a silhouetted figure on horse back   Photo of art by Blake Rosales (rights)

Runci was an Italian-born American painter best known for his work as a pin-up artist.   His landscapes and paintings of Native American subjects primarily date from the 1980s.  Untitled, the subjects of the five paintings are an Indian family and burro, an Indian child, a forest and a creek, a lone rider on a road, and a fallen tree at sunset.  http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Edward_Runci 


7.  A woodblock print, 1980, by Fumio Fujita (born 1933) 

Location- Room 009 

20”x10.75"  woodblock print of slender white trees with leaves against the sky  Photo of art by Karlie Pickens (rights)

Born in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, Fujita studied oil painting at the Mushashino College of Fine Arts. In 1963 he began to make woodblock prints in moku hang style - self-carved and self-printed. His stylized natural landscapes have become increasingly popular for their intricate designs.  The design of the print is of white-bark trees.  https://www.artelino.com/articles/fumio-fujita.asp


8.  Abstract lithograph by Takeshi Hara (born 1942) 

Location- Room 009

10.75”x13” three curved, intersecting, diagonal lines with brights colors transitioning to grey  Photo of art by Titus _____ (rights)


Hara was born in Nagoya, Japan.  He attended Tokyo University of Fine Arts and is currently a full professor in the painting department at Tokyo Zokei University.  He experimented with lacquer-painted irregular canvases and spray guns before turning to printmaking.  The lithograph allows him to achieve an incredible smoothness of color.  https://www.roningallery.com/artists/hara-takeshi


9-12.  Four screen prints, or serigraphs, by Masayasu Uchida (born 1922)  

Location- Room 009  

21”x16.25”  serigraph of a beached boat Photo of art by Jude Marx (rights)


21”x16.25” silkscreen of beach with large birds  Photo of art by Jude Marx (rights)

21”x16.25”  silk screen image of wheat fields from an aerial angle  Photo of art by Jude Marx (rights)

22”x17.25” silk screen lighthouse image on a clear day  Photo of art by Jude Marx (rights)

Uchida is a Japanese artist from Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.  He consistently creates large-scale landscapes which contain detailed framed scenes. The landscapes have seasonal reference, the scenes by the sea are often captured in the evening light. Based on auction records of other prints by the same artist, these were probably done in the 1960s.  Old Imprints gallery website describes one of Uchida’s prints in these words, “A distinctive and uncommon contemporary print in stylized realistic format featuring the rich coloration associated with Uchida’s artwork.”  Untitled, the subjects of the four prints are a wheat field, a seascape,  a beached boat,  and a lighthouse.


13.  Gossips, 1989      Joan Cusack

Location-  Room 009

22”x24” silk screen of three birds perched on a branch   Photo of art by Maura McKinney (rights)

The subject of the print is three birds.  We were unable to locate any information about the artist.  If you can help us fill in the blanks, email us at librarians@olympic.edu


14.  The Hunter, 1978       Lew Achen

Location- Room 009


30.25”x24” eagle in flight over a desert with the sun abovePhoto of art by Abby Berry (rights)

Achen is an American artist from San Diego, California, known for his serigraphs and watercolors.  The subject of the print is an eagle in flight.  https://www.ebth.com/items/6009729-lew-achen-serigraph-the-hunter


15.  Watercolor landscape with mountains and trees, 1986       Deann Disney

Location-  Room 011 

20”x27”  watercolor landscape of a distant treeline and mountain  Photo of art by Jude Marx (rights)

We were unable to locate any information about the painting or the artist.   If you can help us fill in the blanks, email us at librarians@olympic.edu


Six serigraphs by Walton Butts (1922-1996)

Location- Room 013

Sea Rock  

14”x11”  serigraph of huge rock along a coast

From the Forest

14”x11” view of a mountain across water through trees

Along the Beach

14”x11”  serigraph of beach scene with birds overhead


11”x14” print of a man walking with a cane along the beach


14”x11”  serigraph of ferry approaching dock


14”x11"  serigraph of a ferry leaving dock

A native of Hoquiam, Butts’ work captured the Pacific Northwest coast of Washington state.  He was an art teacher for several years until he was able to create his art full time.  He enjoyed the serigraph process because it forced him to look and think in layers.  His works date from the 1960s to the 1980s.  https://www.hibid.com/lot/10355-30560-65670/art--serigraph-print--clam-diggers--walton-butts/