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Textbooks: Running Start Students

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Options for Running Start Students

Running Start Textbook Library



Running Start is a Washington State program that allows high school juniors and seniors to attend community colleges tuition-free. Running Start students, however, are not eligible for financial aid and must personally bear the costs for books and transportation. The purpose of this library is to help provide access to the program for low-income students.

The Olympic College Running Start Textbook Library has been established to help provide some of the required textbooks for low-income Running Start students. Eligibility is based on financial need. A student who has submitted an application and deemed eligible for the Running Start fee waiver also qualifies to use the textbook library.

Textbook Loan Application:

Submit the Textbook Loan Application to the Running Start Office, Humanities and Student Services Bldg, Room 208, OC Shelton, OC Poulsbo or mail to the address below. Books will be loaned on a first come first served basis and additional books will be purchased depending on funds available. Upon verification of eligibility, the student is eligible for assistance for the entire academic year. A student may apply any quarter.

Textbook Loan:

Upon award, Running Start staff will loan available required books to students from the textbook library for classes funded by Running Start at Olympic College. Textbooks must be returned to the Running Start Office, Humanities and Student Services Bldg, Room 208, OC Shelton or OC Poulsbo by the last day of the quarter or at withdrawal from classes.

Book loan funds are limited. Students may receive help with only some books. Books not returned at the end of the quarter are not available for other students; therefore, the student will forfeit eligibility to borrow books the following quarter. A student who does not return textbooks in a timely manner may also have a hold placed on student records and is responsible to reimburse the college for the cost of the books.


Contact Running Start

Humanities and Student Services Bldg, Room 208

360-475-7646 or

1-800-259-6718 ext. 7646

FAX: 360-475-7643

Email: runningstart@olympic.edu