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Google Like a Librarian: Google Basic Search

What You Need to Know (Google Like a Librarian)!

Choosing Search Terms

Basic Search Tips

You can easily do some "advanced" search techniques in the basic search box on the main Google home page.

Sample Search:

"employee participation" [give me only documents that contain this exact phrase]

alternatives-- whatever keywords or key phrases describe your research topic.

salsa -dance [give me results about salsa, that EXCLUDE anything to do with dancing]

alternatives-- whatever keywords you want to exclude from your results.

site:.edu [return ONLY results from education websites]

alternatives-- other domains such as site.:org for non-profits; site:.fr for sites originating in France; etc.

filetype:pdf [return only results that are pdf documents]

alternatives-- other document types such as filetype:ppt for PowerPoint presentations; filetype:doc for Word documents; etc.