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Locate magnifiers, voice output devices, print-to-speech synthesizers, and ASL training software

For computer users:

ZoomText Magnifier 1-36X magnification and voice output. 
Locations: Haselwood Library (HL) 128, our open computer lab, workstation #1,and HL 130 ( room adjacent to the Check-out Desk).

JAWS Print to speech synthesizer, reads aloud all text on screen and all text as it is typed.
Location: HL 130 ( room adjacent to the Check-out Desk).

For print readers:

Clarity Deskmate Duo 3-55X magnification.
Location: HL 130 (room adjacent to the Check-out Desk).

Aladdin Ultra 5.4-60X magnification.
Location: HL 126 (microfilm room adjacent to classroom).

For ASL learners:

Our Language Lab contains a computer workstations dedicated to software designed specifically for American Sign Language includes a video camera and tools to visually communicate, digitally record, and review video.
Location: HL 002 (Basement, North)

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