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Available in the Haselwood Library

seating area in the Haselwood Library

On the main floor you'll find:

In the basement we offer:

On the second floor there are:

  • study carrels,
  • tables and chairs,
  • soft seating areas,
  • 60,000+ books,
  • spectacular views of campus.

Conduct in the Library

Noise should be kept to a minimum:  

  • Computer labs,
  • the second floor, and
  • the basement (except for the group study rooms.)

Cell phones, headphones, etc.

  • Switch devices to a silent mode while in the Library.  
  • Move outside the Library to use your phone. 
  • Volume of headphones and other audio devices must not be audible to other students.



  • No drinks are allowed in computer labs
  • Drinks in covered, spill-proof containers are allowed In the rest of the library.