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Nursing & Allied Health

Research guide for Allied Health, ADN, BSN, and Human Services programs

Getting Started with Nursing Research


We will work through the pages of this guide systematically to cover what is available to you how this guide, and your librarians can support you throughout your time at OC.


Health News- Use this page to keep up-to-date on nursing topics in the news. It can be very helpful for inspiring topic selection!

Background Information- This page provides some links and guidance for getting background information on a topic. Broad familiarity with a health topic and good keywords will make it much easier to find research articles and synthesize research. 

Books- Start here to browse some highlighted titles or search for books or eBooks.

Articles- This page will highlight and describe some of the best databases available for your nursing research. There are also directions on connecting Google Scholar to the OC Libraries. 

Primary & Secondary- This page will highlight some difference between Primary Sources (research articles) and Secondary Sources (review articles). 

Evidence-Based Resources- This page offers a brief intro or review to EBP (Evidence Based Practice).

PICO- Use this page as a brief intro or review of forming clinical questions.

Online Resources- A variety of pages connecting you to resources by topic.

APA 7th Edition- Use this guide to supplement your APA handbook and connect to more resources.

ILL (InterLibrary Loan)- Request an article not available in the OC Libraries' resources.

UpToDate- This is a clinical guideline resource rather than a research resource. 

HEALWA- This page highlights a state-wide resource available to licensed nurses. 

BNURS350 presentation slides



Should cranberry juice be used to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)? 

Should healthcare providers recommend the Mediterranean diet to prevent cardiovascular (CV) disease? 

Should pregnant women take antidepressants? 

Should healthcare providers recommend intermittent energy restriction or continuous energy restriction for patients who want to lose weight?

Does recreational marijuana use negatively impact respiratory health?

Should adolescents get bariatric surgery?