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Nursing Research Guide

Guidance for Nurses and Allied Health Researchers

BNURS350 presentation slides


  • Should cranberry juice be used to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)? 

  • Should antibiotics be used to treat otitis media in children? 

  • Should pregnant women take ADHD medication? 

  • Should alternating pressure air surfaces be used over other surfaces to prevent pressure ulcers?

  • Should healthcare organizations use 8 or 12 hour shifts for its nursing staff?

Getting Started with Nursing Research


This page is designed to highlight library information and support for students of BNURS 350.

My hope is that our time together and these resources will help you search effectively in CINAHL and MEDLINE from EBSCHost as well as PubMed. I want you to have a basic understanding of levels of evidence, peer-review, and tools that can help you make sense of a journal article. Lastly, I want to share some help for APA citation.

Tutorials for PubMed and for CINAHL/MEDLINE from EBSCOHost

CINAHL Complete Tutorial- Finding Evidence-Based Practice Articles in CINAHL  

CINAHL Help Sheet  for searching - Creating a Basic or Advanced Search

CINAHL/MeSH Tutorial- Using MeSH in EBSOhost

MEDLINE (EBSCOhost) Tutorial- Advanced Medical Searching

PubMed Tutorial- Find Articles on a Topic

PubMed Advanced Search Tutorial- Using the Advanced Search Builder

Highlighted Databases for EBP Nursing Articles

APA Citation

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

Remember you can use a filter in OneSearch and CINAHL/MEDLINE from EBSCOhost so your search results will be from academic journals.

Almost every article in PubMed is peer reviewed so you will not find that filter. 

Making Sense of a Scientific Journal Article