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Nursing Research Guide

Guidance for Nurses and Allied Health Researchers

HEALWA Basics- Access to databases for Licensed Health Care Providers in Washington

HEALWA assures anytime, online access to current, authoritative clinical information and educational resources to eligible health care practitioners in Washington State. This is a partnership between the Washington State Department of Health and the UW Health Sciences Library. Eligibility was determined by the legislation that created the service.

Who has access to HEALWA?HEAL WA logo - the on call library for Washington State Practitioners

Answer: Nurses who are currently licensed in WA state as LPNs or RNs can access HEALWA, as well as members of all of the eligible professions named in the legislation. 

Getting help: Who can I contact with HEALWA questions?

Answer: See the Help page on the HEALWA website

What does HEALWA have that OC does not offer?

Answer: OC offers some databases, such as ScienceDirect, not included in HEALWA  but HEALWA offers some resources we do not have access to, for example: 

DynaMed Plus: A point of care resource that provides concise summaries and detailed recommendations based on the most current evidence. Practitioners can easily see the levels of evidence and guidelines behind each recommendation.

Joanna Briggs Library: A unique suite of information resources to help integrate evidence into your practice. Includes publications such as best practice information sheets, evidence summaries, and systematic reviews.

Nursing Reference Center Plus: Provides evidence-based information for point of care, continuing education, nursing and research.

Patient Education Reference Center: Some of the patient handouts here are also accessed through the Patient Ed section of the Nursing Reference Center, but far more are available here.

Getting Started with HEALWA

If you hold a nursing license in Washington State, you are eligible for a HEALWA account. You will need to sign up for a UW NetID using the email account associated with your state license.

Full details available on HEALWA's Getting Started page.

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