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Nursing & Allied Health

Research guide for Allied Health, ADN, BSN, and Human Services programs

For the Nursing DIvision Only


What is UpToDate? UpToDate contains synthesized topic reviews offering quick access to coverage of the major aspects of topics in 25 specialties; includes symptoms, tests and diagnosis, and treatment options to facilitate evidence-based decision making in clinical settings.

Reliable, clinical guidance- Each topic review is written by clinicians and undergoes a peer-review process; the date of last revision is displayed on the page. Confidence in treatment options are graded to assess the strength and quality of the evidence.

Calculators- a variety of calculators are available.

Patient Education- printable patient information is available on numerous topics.

To subscribe for an UpToDate account:

Use the following link to access UpToDate via the Olympic College proxy server.

Fill out registration form, complete all fields and then click Submit Registration.

Make note of your username and password (This is NOT related to your OC password).

Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email from UpToDate with instructions on downloading the Mobile App.

To maintain uninterrupted access to UpToDate you will need to confirm your affiliation with your subscribing organization every 90 days. To do this, simply log in to UpToDate from the EZproxy link.

Support for using UpToDate is available here at their Help page.

Problems should be addressed to UpToDate customer support:

CUSTOMER SUPPORT To reach customer support for individual subscribers or users at an institution, please contact: Email customerservice@uptodate.com 

Phone 1-800-998-6374 or +1-781-392-2000

Mon thru Fri, 7am-9pm (Eastern Time)

UpToDate- Research Use

UpToDate offers critically-appraised synthesized topics- this is not primary research. Scroll to the bottom of an article to check the references on the topic page if you are searching for original research. If a secondary source is acceptable for your paper, be sure to cite the article properly in APA 7th Edition. UpToDate does not offer auto-generated citations. 

The APA Style Guide offers the following guidance for citing UpToDate:

Cite as an article from a periodical and include a retrieval date with the link as the content will change over time. 

An APA 7th edition citation showing hanging indentation

  • Parenthetical citation: (Bordeaux & Lieberman, 2020)
  • Narrative citation: Bordeaux and Lieberman (2020)

Using/Understanding UpToDate

UpToDate overview- Watch this intro to understand what UpToDate is and how to use it.

Grading Guide- How UpToDate creates their recommendations and quality of evidence grades.

UpToDate's Editorial Process- How UpToDate creates their articles and recommendations.

Help Demo- UpToDate features and benefits.

Earn CE credit with UpToDate- Clinicians earn continuing education credit for time spent researching clinical questions.