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When searching for books, it's best to use only one or two key words, even if your topic is more complex. To truncate a search term, use an asterix at the end of the root word. For example, anthro* will find records with the word "anthropology", anthropological", "anthropologist" etc.

Tips for Finding Books

The majority of  our physical books are on the second floor of Haselwood Library. Search for books in the library catalog using key words such as "prehistory" or "ethnography" or "medical anthropology." Electronic books are available through the library catalog. Type in your search terms in the search box. When you get your results, filter them by clicking on the "add filter: ebooks" on the right-hand side of the page.

E-books results generally have an "Open Electronic Book" link. Click on this link, and enter your student user name and current password when prompted. 

One of the most enjoyable ways to find a book is to browse the shelves on the second floor of the library. Anthropology books can be found in the following Dewey Decimal numbers:  

301: Sociology and Anthropology

302: Social interaction 303: Social processes

304: Factors affecting social behavior

305: Groups of people

306: Culture and institutions

306.44: Anthropological lingustics

307: Communities

364.2: Criminal anthropology

390--394: Customs, etiquette & folklore

599.9: Physical anthropology

913: General Archaeology, archaeology of geographic location shelved with other history works throughout  900s

If Olympic College Libraries doesn't own a book you want, request it through InterLibrary Loan. It's quick and easy!

Example Anthropology Books at Haselwood Library