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Recommended databases for anthropology journals

Specific journals in other databases (mainly for use in ANTH 350)

Basic search tips

Use only keywords.  Our databases are literal and search exactly what you enter, so start small, with only the two or three most important words in your topic.


Use quotation marks around phrases that have a specific meaning.
“saint patrick” will retrieve… The Life of Saint Patrick by Quentin James
saint patrick will retrieve…The Geology of Mount Saint Helens by Patrick Pringle
Use a capitalized OR in between synonyms, or similar concepts.
irish OR celtic will retrieve results that have either the word Irish or Celtic in them.
Use parentheses to specify the order of how words are searched.
(irish OR celtic OR ireland) AND history will retrieve results that contain the word history and contain either the word Irish, Celtic, or Ireland.
Use an asterisk (*) at the end of a root word to find results with variant endings.
histor* will retrieve any ending on that root word.  For example: history, historical, historian, etc. 
Use the Advanced Search screen to search for keywords as a title, subject, author etc. 

Advanced Search tips

Words matter!  As you do your research, keep a running list of possible new search terms you find.  Notice that some authors might use one term to describe something, and some authors might use a different term to describe the same thing, or something very similar.  These are synonyms.  Sometimes synonyms mean the exact same thing, and sometimes one of them may be slightly narrower or more specific, while the other is broader.  But the basic idea of what they represent is essentially the same. 


Yup'ik OR Eskimo language

"Day of the Dead" OR "Dia de los Meurtos"