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Watch how to search AnthroSource

Excluding book reviews and news blurbs

Many book reviews and short news blurbs show up in our Anthrosource results lists and there is not a limiter you can select to exclude them. Watch for these signs to know that the result is probably a book review, and can likely be skipped:

  • It says, “Book Review” above, or in, the article title.
  • The article title lists personal names at the end of the title. This indicates the author or editor of a book being reviewed.
  • Parts of the text, like names, look different. For example they are in all caps, bolded, or italicized.
  • The title mentions “awards,” “grants,” “fellowships,” etc., which sounds “newsy.”


Screen snip of a search result that clearly indicates it's a book review


Screen snip of results list that shows an author's name in capital letters as part of the article title.


Screen snip of a search result that highlights the words Fulbright Awards in the article title.

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