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LibGuide Author Style Guide

Preferred practices for LibGuide authors


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"Gradowiki". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

What's in this guide

This guide provides recommendations for creating useful, accessible, and mobile-friendly LibGuides.  Use the tabs above, or the links below to navigate.

A note about this home page

A LibGuides usability study conducted at UW showed that many students felt disoriented when landing on a guide without a Home page and were unsure what the tabs meant. (Hungerford: 2010)  To fix this, guide authors were encouraged to include a distinct home page for each guide using a consistent 2-column layout. Authors were also advised to include a "What's in this Guide" box, starting with a short (80 word max) description of the contents, and a linked list of the tabs, along with a short annotation for each. (Update your LibGuides: 2010)