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LibGuide Author Style Guide: Widgets

Preferred practices for LibGuide authors

LibGuide Widgets

Widgets on this page were created using LibGuide's widget tool. All widgets are assets that may be reused.

Database List Widget

Database List
Full list of databases sortable by title or subject.
Go to Database List

Changing the button colors would require some CSS code. Currently, the btn-info class is providing the button colors:


.btn-info {
color: #fff;
background-color: #your_color_here;
border-color: #your_color_here;

.btn-info:focus, .btn-info:hover {
background-color: #your_color_here;
border-color: #your_color_here;


 A-Z Database List
Find the best law library databases for your research here!
Go to A-Z List

<div class="margin-bottom-lg">
<div class="s-lib-public-side-header">
<div class="pad-bottom-sm"><i class="fa fa-th fa-lg"></i>&nbsp;A-Z Database List
<div class="txt pad-top-sm">Find the best law library databases for your research here!
</div><a href="/az.php" class="btn btn-info s-lg-hp-btn-section">Go to A-Z List</a>

Article databases drop down menu

Article databases annotated

Book databases annotated

Reference databases drop-down menu

Reference databases annotated

Subjects drop-down menu

Citation guides

Guides by subject drop-down menu

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