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BIOL& 160 General Biology. Instructor: Amy Lawrence: Quiz


Test your understanding by choosing the best answers to these 6 questions:


In an online database, such as ProQuest or the library catalog, which of the following searches would retrieve the most results?

birth order OR depression: 55 votes (43.65%)
birth order AND depression: 58 votes (46.03%)
birth order NOT depression: 13 votes (10.32%)
Total Votes: 126


Your biology teacher has assigned a speech on steroid use by athletes. Using an Internet search engine, you search for the term steroids. Your result list has 5,000 results, too many to review in the time you have. Many results are trying to sell you a product, called creatine. To remove these irrelevant results you change your search terms to read as follows:

Steroids OR creatine: 1 votes (3.45%)
Steroids NOT creatine: 6 votes (20.69%)
Steroids AND athletes AND creatine: 3 votes (10.34%)
Steroids AND athletes NOT creatine: 19 votes (65.52%)
Total Votes: 29


You are looking for a book on how understandng child psychology can help parents. You search the library catalog for the terms child psychology and get back over 3,500 titles. Wha't the best thing to do next?

Pick a title from the first screen: 1 votes (4%)
Add another term to make the search more specific: 24 votes (96%)
Change the search to: psychology child: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 25


You are using the advanced search function to research genetic engineering in an online database. Your research has returned 3,500 articles; too many to read. How do you refine your search to return a more manageable number of articles?

Add a related search term such as recombinant DNA: 1 votes (3.57%)
Limit your search to one publication, e.g., Scientific American: 2 votes (7.14%)
Limit your search to the last two years: 3 votes (10.71%)
Any of the above: 22 votes (78.57%)
Total Votes: 28


All of the following apply to scholarly journals, EXCEPT:

Scholarly journals contain references or a works cited list: 6 votes (17.14%)
Scholarly journals are written for an informed, knowledgeable audience: 2 votes (5.71%)
Scholarly journals are often published only a few times a year: 5 votes (14.29%)
Scholarly journals contain short articles written by journalists: 22 votes (62.86%)
Total Votes: 35


Which of the following is characteristic of scholarly journal articles?

Articles include descriptions of the research methods: 18 votes (69.23%)
Articles are heavily supported through advertising: 4 votes (15.38%)
Articles use non-technical language: 2 votes (7.69%)
Articles are considered secondary resources: 2 votes (7.69%)
Total Votes: 26