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BIOL& 160 General Biology. Instructor: Amy Lawrence

About Newspapers

Most newspaper articles are written by journalists and freelance writers, and occasionally by members of the public, especially as "Op-Ed" pieces. 

Newspaper articles are typically quite short and are about "today's news".

They usually acknowledge sources informally, without citation.

Custom Google Search for WA newspaper websites

Custom Google Search for selected newspaper websites - includes blog posts, editorials, and articles. 

Type your search words in the box and click search.


Sites searched include:
The URL for this custom google search is http://www.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=005451048879797804141:yv5eh-jtfo0

Newspaper Sources

Access articles from print newspapers, in the library basement and/or re-printed in our online newspaper databases.



International coverage of science, health, and technology topics.