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About Magazine Articles

Written for educated audiences without subject expertise. Topics covered can include general interest subjects, news, and current events. Most editors are committed to fact checking and producing quality content.

Most magazines publish articles written by staff writers, journalists and freelance writers, who consult briefly with an expert or scholar in a field. Articles are short and sources are cited informally, without references.

Expect a lot of graphics, including advertising.

Typically written within a week or two weeks of an "event" or when a topic is "hot".

Magazine Databases

database search tips

Search tips:

  • Use "Advanced Search"
  • Enter a combination of keywords. 
    • DO NOT USE :
      • entire sentences,
      • sentence fragments, or
      • questions
  • Use Boolean operators to improve results
  • Select "Full Text"
  • Select "Magazines" or "Peer reviewed"
  • Limit results to the last 5 years

About Newspapers

Most newspaper articles are written by journalists and freelance writers, and occasionally by members of the public, especially as "Op-Ed" pieces. 

Newspaper articles are typically quite short and are about "today's news".

They usually acknowledge sources informally, without citation.

News from OC Libraries

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are both newspapers that adhere to a code of journalism ethics and issue retractions when necessary.

Custom Google Search for WA newspaper websites

This custom Google Search includes only selected newspaper websites (after the ads). It searches entire newspaper sites and will include blog posts, editorials, and articles. Type your search words in the box and click search.

Sites searched include:
The URL for this custom google search is http://www.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=005451048879797804141:yv5eh-jtfo0