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BIOL& 160 General Biology. Instructor: Amy Lawrence: Newspaper Articles

About Newspapers

Most newspaper articles are written by journalists and freelance writers, and occasionally by members of the public, especially as "Op-Ed" pieces. 

Newspaper articles are typically quite short and are about "today's news".

They don't usually cite sources.

Custom Google Search for WA newspaper websites

Custom Google Search for selected newspaper websites - includes blog posts, editorials, and articles. 

Type your search words in the box and click search.


Sites searched include:
The URL for this custom google search is http://www.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=005451048879797804141:yv5eh-jtfo0

Newspaper Sources

Access articles from print newspapers, in the library basement and/or re-printed in our online newspaper databases.



International coverage of science, health, and technology topics.