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 Research Paper and Presentation 

You will research a topic in Marine Science that you find interesting and write a minimum 2-page research paper that includes a bibliography with a minimum of 4 sources in APA style.  At least one recent original research article needs to be read and cited.  


Possible Marine Science Research Topics

Elwha dam removal and its effects on organisms

Columbia or Snake river dam and its effects on organisms

Effect of jetties/ sea walls on organisms

The effects of oil spills, plastic pollution, sewage, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides,

chemical pollution, etc. (choose only one)

Overfishing - choose one species and elaborate

Invasive species; choose one and elaborate

Puget Sound Orca whale population

Capturing dolphins/whales for aquariums/ riding (pros and cons)

Global warming effects on: rising sea levels/ disappearing islands, currents and associated weather changes, hurricanes, coral reef bleaching, organisms (Choose only one)

Dead zones in ocean (the blob)

Ocean acidification effects on organisms (foraminiferans, oysters, pteropods, coral reefs)

Sea star wasting disease

Red tide and other algal blooms

Cruise ship pollution

Reasons sea turtle’s population is declining (or any other organism)

Effect of navy sonar on whales and dolphins

Menu choices; what to eat for sustainability

Ecology of any ocean animal or plant

Effect of building on our coastlines

Why jellyfish populations are exploding

Using tides/waves to create energy

The practice of shark finning for soup

Effect of Hood Canal floating bridge

Collecting horseshoe crabs for their blood and its effect on their population

Venomous sea creatures


The importance of guano/whale poop in the marine environment.

Any topic on the ocean that interests you.