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DMA 137 - Usher - Intermediate Digital Photography: Assignments & Grading

This is a digital photography course for those with experience in the basics of photography technique and at least basic experience with adjustable digital cameras. Explore the photographic process as a means of personal and cultural expression.

Your Notebook Portfolio


This is a tool for you to use to develop your working knowledge of photography and to help track your progress. It will be checked during the quarter. The notebook portfolio will be submitted for midterm and final grading. It should be organized into the following sections, in order, with a contents page. 

Dated Class Notes and Notes on Readings/websites

Copies of Handouts

6 points        In-Class Assignments/Daily Participation

8 points        Share a Technique: Become an Expert 

12 points      Experiment with New Technique

10 points      Flickr Site: print your photos; print your comments

30 points      Labeled Photo Shooting Assignments and Journals

20 points      FINAL project: Participation in the Student Photo Show

4 points        Midterm Notebook

10 points      End of term Notebook

Extra Credit (up to 10 points)


100 points total (Points may be deducted for late assignments due to any circumstances; don’t make it a habit. Sign up on the schedule during class.)

You are encouraged to schedule a conference with the instructor to review your progress during the midterm and final week of the quarter.