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DMA 137 - Usher - Intermediate Digital Photography: Try, then Share a Technique

This is a digital photography course for those with experience in the basics of photography technique and at least basic experience with adjustable digital cameras. Explore the photographic process as a means of personal and cultural expression.

Try, then Share a Technique:

Become an “expert” for a day on a technique or subject that interests you and share it with the class.

Prepare either a handout or PowerPoint-type presentation that we can put on the web-site.

Suggestions include:

  • converting to B&W,
  • combining images for maximum depth of field,
  • pinhole camera techniques,
  • creating art with a flat-bed scanner,
  • wildlife photography techniques,
  • adventure, action, etc.

Upload 2 photos to the Flickr Site with the term “Technique” as an additional TAG. Email a proposal to me, so I can send you suggestions. Present to class starting ASAP.


Print or eBooks at the OC Library