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DMA 137 - Usher - Intermediate Digital Photography: Software / Computers / Printers

This is a digital photography course for those with experience in the basics of photography technique and at least basic experience with adjustable digital cameras. Explore the photographic process as a means of personal and cultural expression.

Software & computers available for your use

A Note about saving files in OC computer labs:
Most of the computer labs are equipped with a program called Deepfreeze. This program prevents the computer from being permanently changed (i.e. saving a copy of your work). For this reason, do not save your work to the desktop or to “My Documents” folder.  Files saved in these locations may be erased upon the next reboot of the computer.

 Files can be safely stored in the following locations:

·     USB Removable Flash Drives,

·     Portable external drives,

·     CD

·     Drive Z: (this is your network folder; this drive is not accessible by any other student), and

·     Drive T: (this is a space on the local computer; however, this location is accessible by anyone who uses the computer and is cleaned every quarter).

Lockers are available in the Engineering Bldg. hallway; Sign-up in the Business & Technology Office, give them your combination or copy of key for lock, along with the locker number.