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DMA 137 - Usher - Intermediate Digital Photography: Course Requirements

This is a digital photography course for those with experience in the basics of photography technique and at least basic experience with adjustable digital cameras. Explore the photographic process as a means of personal and cultural expression.

Course Requirements

  • Completion of all assigned photographic projects, including journal entries. Final works should display technical and creative proficiencies;
  • Develop a digital photographic workflow system for your personal software and hardware requirements.
  • Demonstrate the ability to talk & write formally about your and peers’ work in an informed, sensitive and professional manner;
  • Submission of 3-ring notebook as part of the mid-term and final containing a portfolio of assigned work.
  • Regular class attendance and participation, sign-in every class.
  • Actively participate in organizing and showing in the OC Photo Show.
  • Optional for extra credit (up to 10 points):


  • This is a tool for you to use to develop your working knowledge of photography and to help track your progress. It will be checked during the quarter. The notebook portfolio will be submitted for midterm and final grading. It should be organized into the following sections, in order, with a contents page. 

  • Dated Class Notes and Notes on Readings/websites
  • Copies of Handouts
  • In-Class Assignments/Daily Participation - 06 pts
  • Share a Technique: Become an Expert (proposal by 1/19) - 08 pts
  • Experiment with New Technique- 12 pts
  • Flickr Site: print your photos; print your comments - 10 pts
  • Labeled Photo Shooting Assignments and Journals - 30 pts
  • FINAL project: Photo Show -20 pts
  • Extra Credit (up to 10 points)
  • Miscellaneous 


A photographer who can communicate using verbal and written language has a distinct advantage over her colleagues. Articulating your strengths as a photographer can help you sell your work, get it exhibited, or give people a handle on how to begin to approach it as something new. Well-organized, intelligent cover letters and artist statements are rarer than many realize. Publishing articles, researching and organizing information to use in presentations, or writing portfolio text all have a place in a photographer’s relationship with audience and peers. Writing about other photographers’ work can not only help the writer come to grips with what that photographer may have been trying to express, but also how that photographer’s expression has affected the writer.

  • Attendance of art gallery opening, lectures, museums, field trips;
  • Volunteer digital lab assistant;
  • Publish your work in O.C newspaper, other pubs or websites;
  • Assist with photo class website; or
  • Negotiated projects with instructor. 

Your OC Computer Account

The instructor may communicate via your OC email, so it is suggested that you check your email the evening prior to class.*

You may be asked to submit some assignments via email.

Check the class website for assignments and updates by Thursday, 1:00 pm each week.


  • Please turn off phone ringer. 

Thanks in advance for being polite to classmates, guest speakers and me.

* Contact the OC Computer Help Desk at 475-7600 if you need help establishing a free O.C. email account.